We Are

… a young and original music band from Mali, performing traditional folk music of diverse West African ethnic groups

… known and loved by many people in Bamako

… a group of seven guys ‘wrapped-up’ in music. We very often perform at weddings and other important events of the local community as well as at events organized by guests from abroad

… Gypsies from Africa..!”

Translated from bambara, one of Malian dialects, ‘tamala’ means tramp, wanderer, nomad, the one who is always on the road

If you heard our music and saw us perform, you might well say that you touched the innermost, the very heart of Africa

We Do

… a mind-blowing mixture of traditional rhythm and sound with our original arrangements

African girls listening to Tamala… a classical way of presenting folk music in African tradition rehashing widely known songs in our own way or creating our own songs, maintaining musical canons characteristic of African folk music tradition – the rhythmic pattern and the style of performance

… most of the instruments that we play are string and percussion made of ‘calebash’, the African pumpkin

… sing in the languages of different ethnic groups of West Africa as well as in French and English

… create melodic profuseness for the two sonorous vocals and three backing vocals, rendering the beat and the audience to an incredible tempo and drive. You can’t help dancing!

Events in Moldova

From May 3 to July 2 Tamala will visit Moldova. Our friends from Art-Labyrinth prepared a whole range of events, including big concert in Eugene Ionesco Theatre, as well as concerts in other cities and two villages of Moldova, a lot of street performances, and afro dance and drum workshops. Tamala will also record in Moldova its first album with the title “Africa, mon Africa…”

May 13 – “African Spirit in Ciolacu Nou

– concert in the village of Ciolacu Nou, Falești region

May 17

Tucano Coffee Street Afro Carnival

May 24 – Ethno&World Music Concert “African Spirit

– Eugene Ionesco Theatre. Info: www.africanspirit.spaceFacebook
Tickets available at the theatre and online: afisha.md, fest.md

We would love you to come and join us during our short stay in this country!

To listen to our music, and to play and dance with us!

Contact us


e-mail: tamalamandeng@gmail.com

Contact in Mali: +22370056934 – Lassana Kourouma

Contact in Moldova: + 373 68 32 45 42 – Voroniuc Alexandr